After my first month


Hi, so 1 month has gone by since I began my quest for online money. I'm still here and motivated, VERY MOTIVATED! I didn't invest as much time as I hoped to. But I was able to make around 30$. This wasn't my biggest achievement, I didn't really spend that much time earning.

The thing that was most time consuming was the setup, research and organization, and it's far from being complete. I managed to find some really nice websites and kind of a method to organize everything. Since I don't do this full time, it was kind of hard to juggle with everything but it´s getting better and easier to deal with everything. 

The whole point of this online money earning journey is to do it all INVESTMENT FREE. I did not invest a single cent into any website. I plan on doing so, but ONLY with the money that I earned so far. Probably into crypto currency (Bitcoin and other coins), I already own some cryptos from free websites (You can find them in the Start Earning tab). I will cash out some of this crypto to show you some payment proof of all the websites I recommended. 

I lost a Lot of hard earned Cryptos in Transaction fees that I now know how to easily avoid and will soon write a tutorial to teach you guys how to avoid this fees.

Well that´s all for now, I will keep upgrading my FREE earning websites arsenal and keep you posted.