Road to 1 Free Bitcoin - Week 2


Hi every one so one week has passed since I began this free bitcoin Journey! I made the stupid mistake of betting some Satoshis while I was drunk and lost some of my free earned Satoshis but not that much. I'm really excited about this journey so I step up my game a little bit and made a neat excel page with all of my results in the past days! I will upload a print screen of it next week, It is still pretty empty.

Lets see the results (18/03/2018):

  • Total amount: 0.0111 BTC ($85); 
  • So this week I earned 0.0019 BTC ($14.50), It wasn't bad but that drunk betting made me lose 0.0008 btc that could be in that balance! So no more betting from now on, sober or drunk! 
  • Total Referrals: 73 (23 more than last week); 
  • The price of Bitcoin being on the low is helping me collect more satoshis (The lower the price the higher the free claims!). 

Objective for the next week:

  •  Make at least 0.0025 Btc;
  • Get at least 20 more referrals in;
  • Figure out a way to make posts more organized and appealing.