The Beginning


So a new year just began, and with it I decided to start investigating ways to make some extra money online. Well I have to tell you, It wasn't easy to start earning some dollars. The first buck is the hardest one to earn. I had no background on online earning, I did a LOT of research before even beginning trowing my self at every random website. Some advice for newcomers:

1st of all, I created a new e-mail account to use in all kind of websites to avoid spamming or exposing my personal email. I used my last name followed by ework. Well this was one of the best decisions I made. Most websites don't force you to register with your paypal address. So when It was Cashout time I used my real e-mail associated with paypal or coinbase etc...

2nd Collect all the facts before enrolling - Even with all the investigation I did before enrolling in any website I hit a few dead ends. Websites that do not compensate the work you do for them properly. Micro tasking can be very exhausting, they pay 1 or 2 cents for task and most time you really have to pay attention to the tasks you're doing in order to get approved. In this website I will publish all the information you need about the websites. 

How much do they pay, What is the Minimum Cash out, what do you have to do, do they pay, payment proof. 

3rd Don't give up! NEVER GIVE UP! It's not easy to start earning online, but it starts growing if you stick to it! I started earning pennies, now I earn a couple dollars and soon I will be doing hundreds and hopefully some day thousands.

4th BE ORGANIZED! This one is a very important tip, write the name of every website that you sign up to, keep and neat and organized excel sheet with all your earnings from the different websites.