[Tutorial] Best way to withdraw from CoinPot


So you've been collecting free coins from coinpot for a while and now you want to store them somewhere safer and faster (Opposed to coinPot that takes 48h to move your money).

Most of you probably have a Coinbase account by now, and if you don't have one you should definitely create one! Coinbase is the biggest exchange platform for the most known cryptocurrencies. You can buy / sell crypto very easily using their services! Tho only problem is that they don't support: Dash nor Doge coin. So if you want to simplify you can just exchange your Doge and Dash for any of the other currency, Coinpot doesn't charge fees to do this!

After converting all of it, you have to click on the currency you want to withdraw and then select withdraw to a COINBASE account, and write the email adress you use for COINBASE.