My online earnings - Week 0


Welcome back everyone, 2021 is almost here and I'm getting ready to start smashing new goals from the get go. My old banner was to big so I decided to redesign it to be smaller and minimalistic. I also made a new logo that I will be using the handle myfreebitcoin for all my social media.

I will try to do this series trough out the entirety of 2021, starting next week with the first post that includes some days of 2021.

How much have I made last week:

  • Betfury: +29922 Satoshis ($8)
  • +2794 Satoshis ($0,75)
  • Adbtc: +501 Satoshis ($0,14)
  • Coinpot: +456 Satoshis ($0,13)
  • +6030 Satoshis ($1,61)
  • Prolific: 2,95 GBP ($3,97)
  • Hive: 43 Hive ($4,89)
  • Steem: 6 Steem ($0,95)

For a total of $20,44! It was a very slow week and I lost some satoshis gambling, I'm sure next week will be better! My objective for 2021 is to make at least $250 a week (More than 10x what I'm currently making 😅).

This week I will be working on improving my website and I hope to start working on a new and better free website. I thought about buying one but my earnings are still too low to justify it.

I'm pumped to start 2021 with the right foot! It will be a bumpy ride but I believe I can make it happen, follow my journey if you're interested!