Best websites to earn FREE Bitcoin

Collect FREE BTC and BNB every 20 minutes from the free boxes!

Earn passive income every day once you collect 10 BFG tokens. You get them by gambling on a wide variety of games. Buy boxes and received passive income over 7 days or 30 days! A lot of promotions and limited time bonus. Low minimum withdraw: 12500 satoshis

Get on it before they lower the rewards! (Click me) / Tutorial to maximize your earnings

This Website is super simple, all you have to do is check back on it every hour and roll! You can roll any number between 1 and 10,000. The Higher the number the higher the reward is. You also get Reward Points and Lottery entries every time you roll.

Reward Points you can exchange for prizes or bonus like 1000% claims for 24h; There is weekly Lottery and a nice savings option when you have over 30,000 Satoshis with a ANNUAL rate of 4.08% that is 0.01% DAILY! If you have 30,000 Sat. you get an extra 3 Sat. every day without even opening the website. I will include a tutorial about this website latter. PAYMENT PROOF HERE.

You get a free claim every 6 hours of 100 Satoshis! If you prefer to receive other cryptos you can choose to claim your free rewards in EOS, ETH, USDT and others!

You also get a token called TXT for logging in every day. This tokens can be stacked in the dividends tab and they will earn you free dividends every day!

Every time you make a bet you also gain mining power that will be converted to TXT within the next 24 hours, after that all you have to do is claim them! 


This website is as simple as it gets. You click on ads for other websites and after a couple of seconds, you get the reward. There are two types of ads: 

1. Active ads where you have to stay on the website for while and pass the test to prove you're not a bot.

2. Surf ads, all you have to do is open the advertised website for a couple of seconds but you don't even have to stay on that tab. This is great to earn some Bitcoin while you multi-task.

Click here to sign up!

Imagine if twitter likes were actual money! You can create a free account and start posting immediately. After a while if you post decent content, don't spam and don't beg for tips the platform will automatically distribute free tips to you. You then use this free tips to reward other creators and you get to keep a percentage of that tip.

You also earn every time someone tips your content. The best part is that they pay you directly into your BITCOIN CASH wallet within a couple minutes! Try it out and you won't regret it. Remember: don't spam!

HIVE is a blockchain that uses three tokens as the main currency: Hive, HivePower and HBD. There are a lot of projects built on Hive but the most basic one and the best place to start is the blogging platform. Putting it simply you write posts and other users can upvote them -> After 7 days you get payout. The larger the amount of Hive Power a user as the higher their upvote will be: If a user with 1K hive power up votes your post with 100% power it is the same as 10 users with 100 Hive power upvoting your post.

Besides blogging you can also play games, post your workouts and a ton of other stuff. It takes sometime to learn how the entire thing operates but it is a journey worth taking.

This website has a lot of different ways to earn (Every 10000 Coins is equal to $1):

1. Roll the faucet every hour and increase your prizes everyday you log in

2. PTC - Watch an add for 15 seconds and earn

3. Surveys and offers

4. Raindrops - You just have to click on the Rain pool and complete offers to earn when it fills up.


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