[Tutorial] Maximize Betfury earnings


Betfury is a very simple and intuitive website to use but there are a lot of ways to earn a lot more bitcoin than you're currently earning.

1. BUY THE BOXES: Save has much as you can and buy all the boxes you can, it is basically free money! Buy the 30 Days one and be patient, the box will stay on your inventory and you collect whenever you want, multiple times! 

2. Collect has much BFG's as you can: Betfury has a token that allows you to earn dividends every day if you have 10 or more tokens. You can get BFG tokens by making bets on their in-house games. I'm currently trying to get has many tokens as I can to grow my passive income from this platform. I've tried a lot of different betting strategies and this was the one that worked best for me:

Go to the Mines game, select only one mine per game (Bottom left) and then click on AUTO and START the game. I just let it run for a while until it eventually dries up my funds. I set the bet amount to 10% to avoid being unlucky and ending a "mining" run early. This way it runs for a couple of hours and when I come back I'm full of new BFG tokens ready to start earning some passive income!

3. Always collect your free box, those 10 Free satoshis every 20 minutes will pile up. The rewards are getting lower because of the massive increase in the bitcoin price so enjoy the free satoshis as much as you can. Log in on your phone and visit the website every chance you get!

4. Referrals: It is not the best referral program out there but it is still pretty good, tell has much people has you can to join the platform and ask them to use your referral code. Betfury is completely free so there is no harming in trying it out and collect some free rewards.

If you haven't joined betfury yet, consider using my REFERRAL code to help me out!

Thank you and GOOD EARNINGS!

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