My online earnings Week 19 - Bear market is the time to collect as much crypto as possible



Late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused on earning crypto since it is easier, more interesting and has potential to be worth even more in the future.
If I manage to achieve my goals before the end of 2021 I'm considering dedicating my self full time to this endeavour instead of looking for a corporate job once I finish my bachelor in economics.
To keep me accountable and also to have this adventure registered forever on the Hive blockchain I will be sharing my weekly results and some comments about it with you every Monday (Sometimes Tuesday).

How much have I made last week:

For a total of: -$46,04!

I'm writing this post two days late because of the blood that is spilling all over the crypto markets. I've been keeping an eye on it 24/7 and making the last changes to my portfolio to go into hibernation mode. It looks like winter is upon us...

My DeFi positions are bleeding but I'm not backing down. I used only free funds to invest in it so I'm taking the approach "ride or die", plus I think that long term these projects will yell me a solid return.

I wasn't expecting the bear market to come so soon, I wasn't able to make all the changes I wanted to but still managed to take some profits that are now yelling me a nice 10% APY at celsius. Most of us are into crypto for the long run and don't get scared of easily but this wave was brutal.

Usually we see a lot of people turn tail and run after such a shock in the market but I'm sticking to this journey! MY BIGGEST REGRET was not taking advantage of the faucets when they were paying out MASSIVE free earnings because the price of bitcoin was low. In the early days there were faucets paying 5 full bitcoins per day.
This is the time to double down and hope for a better future, opportunities like this only present themselves once in a while and I'm grabbing mine!

My objectives for next week:

I'm not setting any objectives for this week. I have to adapt my strategy and reflect on my long term goals. Back to the drawing table to reformulate the plan and the best route to success.

I will have my bags full of crypto when the next bull market comes around...

As always if you want to learn more about my journey check out my website!
Hope you have a great week. See you next Monday!

Instagram: MyFreeBitcoin
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