My online earnings Week 21 - Finding a healthier rhythm



In late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused on earning crypto since it is easier, more interesting, and has the potential to be worth even more in the future.
If I manage to achieve my goals before the end of 2021 I'm considering dedicating myself full time to this endeavor instead of looking for a corporate job.
To keep me accountable and to have this adventure registered forever I will be sharing my weekly results and some comments about it with you every Monday (Sometimes Tuesday).

How much have I made last week:

For a total of: $79,49!

Better than last week but still another week below $100, this dip is destroying my earnings and I've been putting in the time lately. Anyhow, I don't plan on selling anytime soon so just have to grind through this bear market. On the positive side, most websites increase the number of satoshis awarded per hour when the price of Crypto declines so I'm farming even more satoshis...

I'm finally back on track and making better life choices lately, waking up early and writing posts more regularly and on schedule. I want to try and accumulate some posts this week so that I can still publish on days where I can't find the time to write a new post.

My objectives for next week:

  • Post 5 times on Hive / Leo.
  • Comment 50 Posts.
  • Exercise 4 Times
  • Read 10 Chapters
  • Find and Experiment with a new platform to earn online

I'm making a schedule and sticking to it from now on, I will try to work for 10 to 12 hours on weekdays and completely shut it off on the weekend and have some time for myself. I've been extremely unproductive in the past due to not having any deadlines for my work in the crypto world.

As always if you want to learn more about my journey check out my website!

Hope you have a great week. See you next Monday!

Instagram: MyFreeBitcoin
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