My online earnings - Week 8


Sorry for the delay but I was a little bit under the weather yesterday, no not corona virus just my allergies acting up.
Last week started just right by winning a ctptalks Monday contest that gave me 20 BROcoins that skyrocketed my Hive earnings and will keep earning me passive income forever (Not that much but everything counts). I also grabbed the chance to buy some more LEO, INDEX and other tokens while they were on discount.

How much have I made last week:

  • Betfury: $24,23
  • $3,69
  • TrustDice: $3,57
  • AdBtc: $0,30
  • Cointiply: $0,11
  • Hive: $52,78 (All tokens included)
  • Steem: $4,31
  • $3,00 + $11,64 (Interests, Cash-back)
  • Prolific: $0,98
  • Noise.Cash: $3,31
  • Interests on crypto: $0,80 + $0,08 (Celsius and NEXO)

For a total of: $108.81! FINALLY, my first week earning over $100! This gave me the extra motivation I needed to keep going. Two months just flew by and I only have 10 more months to reach the $250+ goal I set for 2021. If I keep this pace I might make it before the end of the year but it's getting harder to find ways to grow my earnings.
I'm thinking about doubling down on Hive and start writing more and better content. Also engage with more users! I pulled most of my delegations back to me to grow my voting power and hopefully this will help my own content get better upvotes. This will cost me a little bit in terms of passive income since those delegations were paying me daily.

My objectives for next week:

  • Reach 4,000 Hive Power
  • Have at least 320 subs on
  • Post at least 4 times on Hive
  • Exercise 3 times this week