My online earnings - Week 9



Late 2020 I decided that I would give myself until the end of 2021 to try and earn at least $250 a week online. Mainly focused on earning crypto since it is easier, more interesting and has potential to be worth even more in the future.
If I manage to achieve my goals before the end of 2021 I'm considering dedicating my self full time to this endeavour instead of looking for a corporate job once I finish my bachelor in economics.
To keep me accountable and also to have this adventure registered forever on the Hive blockchain I will be sharing my weekly results and some comments about it with you every Monday (Sometimes Thuesday).

Ended up not having time to publish this post yesterday and since the market is completely green today the value of my earnings is a little bit higher than the preview I posted on yesterday.
One of the cool things of doing a spreadsheet that tracks my earnings in crypto and only after translates it to dollars is that I can take a look at previous weeks where I earned $50 and see that using todays crypto prices it is actually worth $80. Who knows maybe the $70.87 that I earned this week may be worth $250 in a couple of months. We never know what might happen in the crypto world...

How much have I made last week:

  • Betfury: $17,14
  • $6,59
  • TrustDice: $6,44
  • AdBtc: $0,24
  • Cointiply: $0,07
  • Hive: $22,67 (All tokens included)
  • Steem: $6,39
  • $3,31 + $4,76 (Interests, Cash-back)
  • Prolific: $0,00
  • Noise.Cash: $2,36
  • Interests on crypto: $0,88 + $0,02 (Celsius and NEXO)

For a total of: $70,87! It's funny how I had to work a lot to make over $50 in a week when i first started this journey and this week I barely worked and I still managed to earn over $70, it's cool to witness first hand the snowball effect slowly building up momentum! Hopefully I will be making over $100 consistently by the end of April 🚀
Just have to pray that this bull run keeps on going...

My objectives for next week:

  • Reach 4,025 Hive Power
  • Have at least 390 subs on
  • Post at least 4 times on Hive
  • Exercise 3 times this week