[Tutorial] How to maximize you earning from FreeBitco.in


Hey, as promised here is my first tutorial and it will be about my number 1 recommendation to earn free bitcoins "Passively". Sign up here!

This website appears to be very simple but there is a lot to it. At a first glance you think all you have to do is come back every hour and roll. I will list the other ways you can earn in this website:

  1. Reward Points you might have noticed that every time you roll you get 2 free reward points. These points can latter be exchanged for several different items or if you prefer you can exchange them at 1:1 rate for satoshis once you have 100,000 of them. 
  2. Lotto Tickets - Every time you roll you also get a free lotto ticket, this automatically enroll you in the weekly lottery draw. If you land the first place you can win around 10,000$ (You get a little over 1 bitcoin).
  3. INTERESTS - Once you have more then 30,000  satoshis in your balance you automatically start earning DAILY interests (around 0.01%) (4.08% yearly). This is in my opinion one of the beast features! You get free satoshis without even rolling.
  4. Referrals - If you get people to sign in with your referral link you receive an extra 50% of their free rolls earnings and some extra lottery tickets and reward points.
  5. Gambling - I do not recommend using this feature at all! I myself lost a couple satoshis toying around with this feature. In the long run you will lose more than you win.


Go to the REWARDS tab on the top part of the website --> Scroll all the way down to "REWARD POINTS BONUS" --> Once there select the one you can afford with your current RP --> The cost of 1 extra RP per free roll is 12 RP (Lasts 24h) --> So now all you have to do is roll at least 13 times daily and your making extra RP's that you can latter change for Satoshis or something else. 

Example: I buy 100 extra RP per free roll (COST: 1200 RP) --> I Roll at least 15 times a day --> 14*100 - 1200 = 300 extra RP daily!

So you earn from a lot of different places and in the end It all stacked up will bring you some extra bitcoin which you can latter exchange for some money if you don't love bitcoin!

Instagram: MyFreeBitcoin
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