[Tutorial] Trust Dice tips and ticks


First of all if you haven't sign up yet do so right here! Trust Dice is a great betting platform with good odds. Also they're one of the best paying faucets out there, you can claim 100 satoshis every 6 hours completely free and without completing any captchas.

Even better than betting with your hard earned money is doing it with absolutely free money and win even more! Trust Dice makes this possible by offering it's users free crypto currencies every 6 hours, all you have to do is visit the website and claim them! They have a variety of options but I prefer to claim either EOS (Because of the low withdraw fees) or BTC (Because it is king and keeps going up in value).

To earn as much as possible for free you should:

1. Visit the faucet every 6 Hours and make your free claim.

2. Visit the task center at least once a day and claim your free TXT

3. Visit the TXT dividends tab and lock up all your free TXT to earn DAILY DIVIDENDS

4. EVERY TIME you place a bet you receive free TXT when that bet is concluded, no matter the outcome. So you should often check the "Mining" tab to see if you have some extra TXT to claim and lock up to earn even more dividends.

5. Don't forget to claim your dividends. I usually use my dividends to bet and earn even more TXT to lock up and grow my daily dividend (Snowball effect slowly build momentum).

6. Log in on your phone and save it to your favourites, this way you can make your claims even if you're away from your laptop or pc (This one is always useful for any website that offers free rewards every couple hours).

I usually prefer to farm TXT tokens by betting on football matches since it is more exciting but if you wish to farm as much TXT as possible to grow your dividend then I would recommend playing dice and set the bar to 96 (95% win chance) and select "Auto". Just let it run for a couple of minutes and once you come back go to the mining tab and collect your farmed TXT tokens and lock them up.

Inviting friends with your referral link is also a great way to boost your earnings, every time your friends make a claim you also earn. Hope you found this tutorial helpful, nice earnings everyone!


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