My first withdrawal from Coinpot


Hey, so almost a month passed since I first signed up to coinpot and all its different faucet websites. Even though I already knew that they were trust worthy and paid everyone I want to share with you my own payment proof. So I only withdrew a couple of bitcoin, Litecoin and some Dashcoin as well. The last two coins have no fees no fees and I met the minimum cash out amount pretty fast. You can withdraw bitcoin with no fees too but It's a little bit more complicated, I will write a tutorial about how to do that soon.

They say that it takes up to 48 hours to get your withdraws but in my case it only took 16 hours to get confirmed and received in my wallet. I also withdrew some Litecoin the same night as the Dash. 

I use Exodus wallet to store a part of my Crypto currencies, exodus is a desktop wallet. There are multiple ways of storing your bitcoins, I will latter write and article about each type of wallet and their advantages & disadvantages.