My online earnings - Week 6


I was so pumped about this hive liftoff that I wasn't able to sit down and write this post all day. I had to force myself to do it today to keep being consistent with this weekly update!
Amazing week for me, finally made over $80! Every time I start getting demotivated something great comes around to keep me invested in this journey. The recent rise in Hive price will allow me to keep growing my weekly earnings from now on, let's just hope this craze keeps on going.

How much have I made last week:

  • Betfury: +9989 Satoshis ($4,86) and 0,00057655 ETH ($1,05)
  • +1670 Satoshis ($0,81)
  • AdBtc: +843 Satoshis ($0,41)
  • TrustDice: +4850 Satoshis ($2,36)
  • Hive: +26 Hive ($9,37)
  • Steem: +7 Steem ($3,03)
  • $2,98 + $34,38 (Interests, Cash-back and a referral signup)
  • Prolific: $5,03
  • Others: $41,09 (Celsius and

The grand total is $80,81! I had a friend of mine join so that gave me a $25 boost to my earnings. I'm hoping I can make at least $100 in a week until the end of March!

My objectives for next week:

  • Earn at least 33 Hive
  • Have at least 260 subs on
  • Exercise 4 times this week

As always if you want to learn more about my journey check out my website!
Hope you have a great week. See you next Monday!